The number of vehicles in India is gripping a rapid increase proportional to the conditions of the roads. According to the study, India loses Rs 60,000 crore per year due to the traffic congestion in the country. So, let’s throw some light upon the flaws that causes traffic congestion and with their solutions.

Flaw 1

The cycle time at the intersections ranges from 120 to 180 seconds, which induces to long queues, especially in the peak hours which directly have an impact on the slow speed of freight vehicles.


Central government should look forward to this issue and should change the intersections timings from 40-60 seconds. With this step, the traffic moment will remain in flow, eliminating the chance of traffic congestion.

Flaw 2

Waiting time at toll plazas and checkpoints also causes delay due   to which freight vehicles slinks at an average speed of 20 kmph on some important cities such as Delhi-Chennai, Mumbai-Chennai and Delhi-Guwahati.


The technology of Electronic Toll Collection lanes on toll plazas   should be established as they are used to serve faster traffic flow. Truckers can do toll transaction without a halt hence, making the

toll process faster and efficient by reducing .traffic congestion at toll plazas, reducing travel time and fuel use.

Flaw 3

As mentioned earlier, the road lengths in some states are not in pace with the growing population. According to the reports, the road density in Delhi is around 155 km per 100,000 populations and about 80 vehicles per kms. A study of The Transport Corporation of India and IIM (Kolkatta) said that portion of India’s freight is increasing at an annual growth rate of 9.08%, vehicles are multiplying at the rate of 10.76%, whereas the road length is increasing at only 4.01% which culminates to famine of road space to manage vehicles and to increase the speed.


Road density should be increased by developing highways and broadening of roads as it will help the traffic to move smoothly and will assist the logistics firms to perform better.

Flaw 4

Another major issue is that Indian roads are identified by the    blended traffic, which includes, personalized vehicles, trucks, three-wheelers, two-wheelers, buses, pedestrian and animal-driven carts which causes trouble for the traffic management and causes delays in the movement of traffic.

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