Infrastructure in India is the key driver of the country’s economy. Just like an engine needs a good engine oil to revamp, a country needs a flourished infrastructure to carry the charge of it’s economy. Besides providing employment and moving of goods, an efficient logistical industry should also look forward to increase the speed of doing business. But to increase the speed of the logistics, central government should focus on the infrastructure of the country, as present infrastructure of India is a barrier for the progressive ‘Make in India’ concept.  While the present-day infrastructure in the country is a moot, logistics firms see a ray of opportunities with the government’s effort to uproot the infrastructure tailback and to stimulate the manufacturing sector via Make in India campaign. But, before we ‘make’, we need to upgrade the ‘move’ because without a strong logistics sector, the Make in India concept will collapse.

As per the Logistics Performance Index 2016, India has ameliorate its ranking by taking a leap of 19 positions compared to 54th rank in 2014 by extending its LPI score to 3.42 compared to 3.08 in 2014.Despite ongoing improvements, several features of transportation are still in the middle-of-the-road due to the musty infrastructure and lack of investment in less economically active parts of the country. The clamour for the transport infrastructure and services has been surging by around 10% annually with the present-day infrastructure being unable to meet these emerging demands. According to a multinational banking firm Goldman Sachs, India need to spend 1.7 trillion US$ in the coming decade on infrastructure projects to boost the economic growth which will eventually help the logistics firms in India. Below are some infrastructural factors that are responsible for ceasing the growth of the logistics industry in India.

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