Quality of ‘Skill India’

F Aim is to guide the youths in a manner so that they get employment or start their own business.

F Skill India provide scope not only for the upcoming generation but it also provides training

options for the traditional type occupations such as carpenters, welders, cobblers, tailors, nurse etc.

F Skill India provides need-based programmes for the certain age groups which can be the communication or language skills, personality development skills, behavioral skills and job-employability skills.

The hurdles which youth across the world faces regarding their job and skills is completely different from what their parents faced. Due to the competition in global economy, industries and firms in developed and developing countries look for a worker or an employee with higher level of skills, who can engage in innovative task, can improve the quality and services of their company. It is a HIGH-TIME to improve the mental and physical development of the Indian youth so that they can be employed and move forward towards the targeted

results. As the Indian youth is the ‘future’ of the country so they should also be skilled enough to create a ‘future’.sirshendu-chaudhuri-ceo-vgel

(Mr. G.K Varshney, Managing Director, Virtual Global Education Limited)

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