Can building micro entrepreneurs help resolve the unemployment problem in India.


Time for Make in India to Move in India!! With this campaign, rural India is focused to be benefitted. Mobile phones journey has been witnessed from the Featured to smart. This has given boost to welcoming smart brains. Serving the rural to participate in the vision of developing skills in every possible way. The need of qualified and skilled labour for satisfying the technology updates creates the need to training raw resources with required skills. Skills training through a preferred partner with mobile companies and telecom giants or government vendors is making not only resources available to the companies, but, it is also opening doors to occupation and skills development to the unemployed rural sectors. Skill development and training is an ongoing need as and when technological updates keep happening. The role of a skill development training agency is superiorly played by making the manpower skilled, resourceful and tech friendly.A very important factor for the success of skill building programs at the grass roots , has been the practice of incorporating life skills training, within all skill training programs. This ensures that trainees who are completing any kind of skill building are also equipped with life skills. Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development for any country. Countries with higher and better levels of skills adjust more effectively to the challenges and opportunities of world of work

Over 1 million Indian youth are infiltrating the labor market every month and here comes the need of   skill development. Skill development plays a major role in the development of the economy of a country. Creating awareness among the college students and teachers about the entrepreneurship should be the focus area. The educated and the skilled had an eminence with enough satisfactory job opportunities.

If India is to harness its demographic dividend and the ‘Make in India’ campaign is to succeed it is important that the growing working force is equipped with the necessary skills. India’s demographic dividend presents both opportunities and challenges. Online platform can prepare a whole generation of industry-ready workforce on a faster and effective route.

(The author Mr. SirShendu  Chaudhuri, CEO, Virtual Global Education Limited)

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