10 important things to keep in mind if you plan a destination wedding!


gtc-logo-finnalMany couples choose a destination wedding because they view it as more exciting and romantic than a close to home wedding. Destination weddings are a great choice for countless couples for a variety of reasons. To some, the financial savings over a traditional wedding is appealing, for others it seems natural since many of their relatives will be travelling to attend the wedding anyway. Whatever the reason, a destination wedding could be the perfect way to say “I do!”

  1. Decide the destination and book a venue a year ago:If you give yourself at least a year to book things like your venue and photographer, you have that much more time to shop around for the best price. The wedding venue can be costly, but you can save a lot of money by booking. Although its always preferable to hire an event management firm that could ease your work and you may utilize that time in making other checklist.
  2. Consider the destination as per weather:Summer wedding in Dubai or Winter wedding in Europe? BAD IDEA!!Know where you are going and know what you plan to do when you get there. Planning a destination wedding in Shimla in winters is not a good idea. This will be troublesome for you and your guests. Moderate temperature is preferable. Check with status with the hotel during that month. Nothing is worse than thinking you are going somewhere where all you want to do is lay on the beach, only to find out the beach is too rocky to use. Or plan a trip to sightsee, only to get to your hotel and find out there is nothing to see. So better do your homework well in advance.
  3. Talk Budget:This is true for any wedding, but especially for a destination wedding. In excitement the couples tend to forget the aspects that could be economically friendly. Like you can get really good deals with the hotel if you book early. Spending too much on sight seeing is not a good idea rather it could be invested in your jewellery. Invest in something which is worth. It’s not necessary that expensive weddings are great. Be smart! Prices can vary greatly from place to place (and even what’s offered within the place), so knowing how much money you’re going in with, and trying to stick to that budget, will help you narrow down your options.

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